It’s funny having the Pinot Noirs in town considering that Blue’s side of the family has the exact same founders (Berry’s Into The Future version of Lacelot). Therefore, I like to think of this family as Blue’s relatives from an alternate universe. =)

Here’s the version of this Pinot Noir family in my game at a glance:

Berry’s January Jam and her hubby Caramel. I don’t have Caramel from Berry’s legacy, so I took my sim Ash Frost and repainted him close to Caramel’s colours, lol. The real Caramel looks like this.

SeasonsOfBerrySims’s Tranquil Foam is married to Berry’s December Dulce. That little green guy is their baby Terik, who was born in my game.

Tali, Fairis, and Raina were also born in my game. Fairis and Raina are January and Caramel’s kids, while Tali is Tranquil and December’s daughter.

You can read Berry’s ITF legacy from the beginning right here. I highly recommend it because they are my absolute favourite legacy family on Tumblr. If you’re interested in the 4th gen story, it starts right here. <3